The Key to Producing Passion in Your Small Group Leaders By Jon Noto

The last thing any small group point person wants is an indifferent or even apathetic small group leader. John Maxwell once said, “People may teach what they know, but they reproduce what they are.” A small group leader who is burned out or checked out creates or attracts the same. Many in the leadership world… [ Read More ]

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God is Always at Work By Andrew Camp

Being a small group point person is hard. The items on my to-do list seems to always be growing and never shrinking. Meetings; vision-casting; recruitment; curriculum; encouragement; conflict resolution; endless suggestions. And let’s not forget, you are part of a staff team, paid or volunteer, and you must constantly navigate those waters. I seem to… [ Read More ]

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What do SG leaders really need?

What Do Small Group Leaders Really Need? By Judy Colegrove

I have been coaching small group leaders for a while and having been a group leader myself, I would like to address the question: What do small group leaders really need? Small group leaders are on the front lines of ministry.  They are the ones who are up close and personal with the people of… [ Read More ]

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Small Group Ministry Leader Resources By Jon Noto

As a small group ministry leader you likely face new challenges every season. It is when we are faced with particularly big challenges that we turn to one another in a network like this and ask for help. But what do you do on all the days you’re not facing a big trial? What are… [ Read More ]

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International Huddles

When Steve Gladen began the Small Group Network, his goal was to connect other small group point people with one another to learn and enter into dialogue so that none of us in this role stand alone. What started as a few people has grown to a network of thousands, expanding beyond the borders of… [ Read More ]

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20 Small Group Quotes from “The Lobby” 2016 By Derek Olson

The largest global network of small group ministry leaders, the “Small Group Network,” annually hosts “The Lobby” small group conference in Southern California. Here are the top 20 quotes I’ve heard so far this week… Small group ministry is more of an art than a science. – Steve Gladen Leaders gather, coaches pursue. Craft strategic questions… [ Read More ]

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5 Ways to Celebrate Easter as a Small Group By Laura Copeland

Fellowship: Wake up extra early and  meet to watch the sunrise (you should also read the resurrection account in John 20), then grab coffee and breakfast together.   Discipleship: Host a Passover Seder and learn the rich historical background behind Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples.  Find detailed instructions HERE.   Ministry: Volunteer together with… [ Read More ]

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Merry Christmas – Now Get Out of My Way By Jon Noto

It was December a couple years ago. We had just moved into our first house and had a newborn at home. I was working in full-time ministry and had a part-time job on the side. It was a snowy weeknight and I had just finished a holiday-themed event for job number 2. The text message… [ Read More ]

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