How to Launch New Groups and Find New Leaders [Podcast]


If we were to ask you, “what are your top 3 challenges in your small groups ministry?” One of your answers would probably be related to getting new leaders or starting new groups! Whether you are launching a new small groups ministry at your church or growing an existing one, it can only happen when you have new people stepping up to lead or host a group. So what are some practical strategies we can use to start new groups and get new leaders?

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 11.27.55 AMAdam Workman is the Discipleship Pastor at Sandals Church, a multi-site church in Riverside, CA where he has been serving for 3 years. Previously, he was in groups ministry in Maryland and Pennsylvania. He has been a groups pastor for 14 years. Adam is also the Southern California and Hawaii Regional Leader for the Small Group Network. 

Host Carolyn Taketa asks Adam the following questions and more in this exclusive interview…

  • What are some practical strategies we can use to start new groups?
  • What are some practical strategies we can use to get new leaders?

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Derek Olson

Derek is a coffee snob from Seattle who is passionate about Biblical community! He first began leading small groups as a youth pastor in 2004 and has had the privilege of doing so ever since in multiple ministry settings around the country. Derek is honored to serve as Communications Team Leader of the Small Group Network