Not Lame Gift Ideas For Small Group Point People


It’s that time of year where small group point people find themselves on Pinterest and the SGN Facebook Group looking for gift ideas for small group leaders. Free t-shirts are great and all, but it might be time to try something new. Need fresh ideas for what to get your volunteer team this Christmas? Here are 10 gift ideas your small group leaders will love:

Small group point people, share your favorite gift ideas for your small group leaders. We’d love to hear them.


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Gina Abbas

Gina's been in full time ministry since the year Mulan hit the movie theater. She's the author of the book, A Woman in Youth Ministry and frequent contributor to The Small Group Network. She lives with her Star Wars loving husband and 3 kids on the East Coast.


2 thoughts on “Not Lame Gift Ideas For Small Group Point People”

  1. A great list. Thanks for sharing. For our leaders (about 30 of them) I make home made cinnamon tea for them. Then, I put the tea in a classy glass bottle that I get at the dollar store. The leaders love the tea! And, the best part is that the leaders get to walk around church and everyone asks them, “Hey, what’s that for?” And the leader gets to talk about their group.

  2. Cinnamon tea! Yum. I love that idea. Handing out gifts during a weekend service is a great way to showcase how awesome it is to be a small group leader.

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