Should I Stay or Should I Go? [Podcast]

Neil Sedaka was right. Breaking up IS hard to do. But sometimes, breaking up is necessary. While Neil probably didn’t have your small group in mind when he wrote his deceptively sweet heart break anthem in the 60’s, he very well could have! Sometimes, the question isn’t “if” you should end your small group, but… [ Read More ]

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It Would Be a Shame Not to Deal With The Issue of Shame By Laura Copeland

If we want to talk about community, we have to talk about authenticity and vulnerability. If we want to talk about authenticity and vulnerability, we have to talk about shame. Shame is the greatest barrier to community. If we can’t learn how to address shame properly, our churches and our small groups will struggle to… [ Read More ]

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Jesus’ Cyber Monday

On a day when most of your emails today are talking about Cyber Monday, save money on shopping and get this special deal; we here at the Small Group Network want to turn your attention today not to saving money, but saving room for your attention to be on people Jesus cares about.  Tomorrow, December… [ Read More ]

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Distinctly Christian Leadership Part 1: “Learning” By Dave Alford

There’s an old adage that says that leaders are learners. That statement is particularly meaningful for followers of Christ because learning is absolutely at the center of our ability to lead effectively. Since leadership development is so important to our work in small group ministry, how can we help those we are developing to be effective… [ Read More ]

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From The Front Row to The Fringes [Podcast]

Because we are all Small Groups Ministry practitioners on some level, it is easy to unwittingly assume that everyone else is just like… “us”. They value what we value, think how we think, want what we want and respond how we respond. The truth is, most of us are sitting on the proverbial front row,… [ Read More ]

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An Ever-Widening View of Koinonia By Andrew Camp

My small group is starting a study on Philippians, and I have recently been reading Paul’s effusive praise of the Philippian church. What especially struck and challenged me is the cause of Paul’s gratitude toward the church—namely, their “participation in the gospel from the first day until now” (Phil. 1:5). What I had not realized… [ Read More ]

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Staying on Course By Jon Noto

If you are leading a small groups ministry, odds are you don’t have a problem dreaming big. A compelling vision of where we want our church or ministry to be is what keeps us invested when our day-to-day work can feel like herding cats! The challenge arises when we start looking at just how we… [ Read More ]

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Distinctly Christian Leadership By Dave Alford

For those of us in group ministry, leadership development has got to be at or near the top our list of activities that are most vital to our success. A Google query on the topic of leadership yields over 454 million results meaning that there is so much information on the subject that it is… [ Read More ]

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Is Your Church Really Safe? By Ben Reed

Is your church safe? I don’t mean “we have police officers” and “we have hidden cameras” and “I’m packing heat on my pew.” Is your church safe for you to be you? Can you be the you that doesn’t have it all figured out? That has more questions than answers, some days? Can you be… [ Read More ]

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