SGN Website – Huddles: New & Improved Pt1

GREAT news! Our new Huddle section on the website is now available for you to use. Watch this video to learn more about how to use it. #SGNet

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SGN Website – Job Board: Expand Your Reach

Do you have any jobs at your church that you need help filling? If so, the Small Group Network can help you. We just ask that you are a member of the Small Group Network and we will do the rest. Watch this to learn more.

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SGN Website – The Blog: Brand New Feature

Now that the Small Group Network Website has had many new enhancements, we decided to create a few small trainings on each section to ensure everyone is on the same page. Enjoy & Share!

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Remove The Stress, Pick a Deadline By David Heinemeier Hansson

October 20 was the internal deadline we picked for Basecamp 3 back in early Summer. It was computed by the highly scientific method of two-parts sussing, one-part calendar dart throwing, and the full awareness of its arbitrary nature. The purpose of a self-imposed deadline is to sharpen the edge of your prioritization sword and stake… [ Read More ]

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No Need to Stand Alone By Jay Daniell

As Small Group Point Person, there is no need to stand alone. Around the turn of the century, God moved in me, as a volunteer, to launch Small Groups in our local congregation. I remember the fun, excitement and passion which I enjoyed; those were the days… I also remember the pain, heartbreak and struggles…. [ Read More ]

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Vulnerable Living, Vulnerable Leading [Podcast]

Challenging seasons of life are inevitable. It is never a question of “if” they will occur, but rather “when”. When life gets tough, it is often how we respond to the challenges we’re faced with that shape us more than the situation itself. Particularly as a leader, it is in those times when living with… [ Read More ]

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No Size Fits All – The Importance Of Learning Styles In Disciple Making

One size fits all. It’s great if you’re shopping for a Snuggie, but horrible if you’re making a disciple.  While we may understand this on a conceptual level, we often fail on a logistical level when we fail to ask the right questions while developing curriculum plans for our groups.  A one-size discipleship strategy will, more often than not,… [ Read More ]

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Chaplain Koehl

Sharing  the gospel of Jesus Christ throe (Salvation Packets) looking for members to share the gospel of Jesus Christ  free packets to anyone called to share the good news  contact Chaplain Koehl @ Or 336 755 9605 FREE  We have free Salvation Packets and Publication boxes that you manta we at CCMM ship free to you..  If… [ Read More ]

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Cool Connections For A Sizzling Summer

Summer is a time when is seems like everyone’s schedule gets turned upside down, making it hard for your groups to meet consistently. However, with just a little creativity and planning, the Summer months could present your groups with a unique opportunity to focus on outreach and connect with the local community in extremely effective ways An… [ Read More ]

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Building From Ground Zero – Relaunching A Groups Ministry

Many of us have stepped into existing small groups ministries to add new support, leadership and vision to what was already there. But what about creating a groups ministry at a church where one didn’t necessarily already exist? Ministry buzzwords are a dime a dozen, but actually having to implement ideas and vision to relaunch a… [ Read More ]

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