Leading Worship For Small Groups

Over the years I have led worship for many small groups. I love it! Almost every small group I have led worship for has been grateful for the music as if they had a deep hunger to worship together in their intimate setting. One thing I have found in common with vibrant Small Groups is… [ Read More ]

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1 Insanely Effective Way To Connect Singles At Your Church

One of the most insanely effective Saddleback Church programs for connecting singles to small groups is House-to-House Gatherings. House-to-House Gatherings (aka H2H) is a fun place where single adults of all ages come together for social connection and to develop friendships. H2H is basically a house party with a light Bible study component that has… [ Read More ]

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Coming Together, Keeping Together, Working Together

It was Henry Ford who once said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”  While he could have been talking about the importance of teams in any number of contexts, the concept is certainly universal and is just as foundational in business settings as it is in church leadership settings.But what… [ Read More ]

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Developing A Transformational Groups Culture

Recent church studies have uncovered qualitative data that many have known for years… that those who are in a small group give more generously, serve more sacrificially, confess their sins more frequently, share the gospel more regularly. In short, those who are in a small group display more attributes of discipleship than those who aren’t. That’s what we all want,… [ Read More ]

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Effective Strategies For Training And Developing Leaders

Crucial to any small group strategy is your team’s plan to not just find leaders, but to adequately prepare and equip them for the journey of leadership. But how? And when? And where? And with what?  These are just a few of the million-dollar questions this week’s Group Talk guest, Joe Windham, tackles in a discussion a… [ Read More ]

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Do Your Singles Suffer From Second-Class Syndrome?

While most churches are becoming more and more family-centric and focused, there is an increasingly significant segment of the church population who are often underserved and overlooked. The singles. If you’re in need of fresh perspective and strategies for engaging and serving the singles in your church, this Group Talk is  for you! The unfortunate… [ Read More ]

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Strategic Planning For 2015

The sage prophet Benjamin Franklin once said “a failure to plan is a plan to fail.” Every day of every year, teams and leaders across the world read that perennial quote in bewilderment, wondering “how did he KNOW?!?” If you’ve ever been there and felt the weight of the failure to plan, this month’s Group… [ Read More ]

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Leading Yourself Well So You Don’t Lead Others Astray

Who is the toughest person in the world for you to lead? Yup, it’s you. We all know leading ourselves well is critical to the health of our ministries. Yet, we often neglect taking care of ourselves because we cater to the urgent demands of leading others. So take 30 minutes to invest in your… [ Read More ]

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What is the Secret Sauce for Group Life?

If you answered, “Fun!” you would be correct. According to our guest, Small Groups Pastor Ben Reed, fun is the key element in growing small groups. If that seems too superficial to you, take 25 minutes and listen to the Biblical basis for “fun” and how it fosters the spiritual growth of group members. Ben… [ Read More ]

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Current Trends in Small Group Ministry

In ministry, we love trends. We love to love what other people are loving. We love to see the trends in phones, clothes, food, and cars. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. Pastors love trends, too. Looking at trends helps us to see what others value, what “buzz-words” are hot right now, and what… [ Read More ]

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