Stop Training and Start Developing Your Leaders

It’s time to stop training our leaders… If you offer leadership training for small group leaders, it’s time to stop. Right now. Put down the mic. Stop writing. Stop talking. Stop planning. It’s time to start developing. There’s a marked difference between training and developing. And the bigger the vision that God’s placed on your… [ Read More ]

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Why Senior Pastors Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Small Group Ministries

It is often said that the senior pastor is the most important person in any small group ministry. Yet, the senior pastor may not be as supportive of small groups as we would like. So what do we need to understand about the role of the senior pastor, and the relationship between the groups point… [ Read More ]

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It’s Summer but Fall is Coming! Five Essential Moves to Make Now to Maximize your SG ministry this Fall

Summer is a critical time to lay the groundwork to maximize the ministry impact of your small groups this Fall. Regardless of the size of church, the type of connection and leader strategies you choose, thinking through these five essential moves will help you prepare for a less stressful and more fruitful Fall ministry season.Mark… [ Read More ]

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How Do You Renew and Refresh Your Spirit?

June is a great time to pause and take some time to consider how we are doing physically, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. Life Coach and experienced small group ministry leader, Jenn Peppers, shares some key questions to ask ourselves to uncover what refreshes our spirits. Participate in an assessment exercise along with host Carolyn Taketa… [ Read More ]

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Is this the future of group life?

Are you looking for the silver bullet for your groups ministry? Then keep looking, because this isn’t the Group Talk for you. But if you’re willing to sit and listen, learn, and digest, this edition of Group Talk will help you think outside of your box. You have something to learn from the Mid-Sized Community… [ Read More ]

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Loving those in the LGBT Community

Given the cultural realities concerning the LGBT community, how do our churches and groups engage with and love those from the gay community? Kirby Holmes tackles this sensitive topic in this month’s Group Talk answering the following questions.  1. What does it look like to love those in the LGBT community? 2. Do we engage… [ Read More ]

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Soul Care for the Small Group Point Person

“How are you doing, really?” Ever been asked that question? You were probably asked that because something was a little…off. Something didn’t seem right. You weren’t acting like your normal self. You weren’t exhibiting behavior consistent with the way you normally act, whether that was physically, spiritually, or emotionally. OR You’ve been asked that question… [ Read More ]

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The DNA of a healthy small group

It’s buzzy to talk about “small group health” these days. Why? Because we all want our groups to be healthy! No matter your system, your approach, your denomination, or the size of your church, you’re aiming for healthy small groups. But there’s no universal definition of a healthy small group, is there? What is a… [ Read More ]

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Group Talk: Small Group Leaders as Shepherds

Should Small Group Leaders be discussion facilitators or should they act as Shepherds?  At The Village Church in north-west Dallas they are all about Shepherds.  Trevor Joy (on Twitter), the Spiritual Formation Pastor, at The Village will be discussing their strategy and intentionality of establishing “Shepherds in the living room” in each of their Small Groups. Trevor says,… [ Read More ]

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Externally Focused Small Groups

If your groups are stuck in a rut, maybe they need a jump-start toward being externally focused. Eric Torrence (on Twitter) and I will be having that discussion at 12 Noon Central Time on Thursday, September 12th.  Eric is the Groups Pastor at Chase Oaks Church in Plano, Texas.  He is resolute to impact the community through community…. [ Read More ]

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