Creating a Disciple-Making Environment

So this Small Group Pastor walks into his favorite coffee shop and greets the barista with a ho-hum “give me the usual, Mac.”  As Mac whips up his Sugar-free Double Mocha Decaf Latte on Ice he asks, “What’s bothering you today?” To which the pastor replies “my groups’ ministry is going well, but I’m not sure we… [ Read More ]

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Training new group leaders

We are in the summer grind.  It’s time to be preparing for the fall season of Small Group Life.  One of the most beneficial things you can do today to insure success tomorrow is to equip your Small Group Leaders. And nothing is as effective as a well developed plan. On Wednesday, July 10 at… [ Read More ]

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Are your small groups “missional”?

There is a lot of buzz these days around the term “Missional Communities”. What does that mean? How does it work? Are my groups missional? Should they be? Enter Todd Engstrom (Twitter, Facebook, and Blog), the Executive Pastor of Campuses and Communities at The Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas.  At The Austin Stone, Missional Communities are the… [ Read More ]

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Creating your own in-house curriculum [Podcast]

One of the most frequently asked questions in Small Group Network Huddles is, “What curriculum are you using?”  And rightfully so!  It is important to every Small Group practitioner that their groups are using curriculum that is engaging, yet not superficial; enjoyable, yet transformational and relevant and Biblically based. In today’s global market there are… [ Read More ]

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Six Ways To Find New Small Group Leaders with Mark Howell [Podcast]

Where do I find more Group Leaders? Everyone leading the Small Group charge at their church has asked this question. And it continues to be a challenge for us all. Investigating creative ways to find new Small Group Leaders can open your eyes to new possibilities for you in your ministry. On Monday, November 14,… [ Read More ]

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Can you really

Over the years I have led worship for many small groups. I love it!. Almost every small group I have led worship for has been grateful for the music as if they had a deep hunger to worship together in their intimate setting.  One thing I have found in common with vibrant Small Groups is… [ Read More ]

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What is your intended destination?

Recently, Steve Gladen, founder of the Small Group Network and the small groups pastor at Saddleback Church, sat down for an interview with Andrew Mason of Steve covers the basics of starting groups well, and focusing in on the intended destination you’re aiming at for your small groups. Enjoy!</a>” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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7 tips for connecting new members

This past weekend I went to a Home Improvement store. I needed help from two different departments on two issues I had in my home. As I walked into the spacious warehouse, lost at where to go, I started my quest to find the right person to help me buy the right product to end… [ Read More ]

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Replenish Your Soul: Noise Canceling Headphones for the Soul

I was flying from Charlotte to San Francisco. Two rambunctious children were in my row. Their parents, up in first class, sipped wine while I babysat in the cheap seats. To make matters worse, across the aisle was a toddler who cried for the first two thousand miles. This trip had stress and frustration written… [ Read More ]

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