10 Things Churches can Learn from the Apple Store

What follows below is a post from Guy Kawasaki who was for many years a “chief evangelist” for all things Apple and who continues to write about excellence in design, marketing, innovation, and retail. In this piece he summarizes some key insights from a book about the phenomenal retail success of the Apple store. As… [ Read More ]

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The 4 secrets of a fruitful ministry

Most people are interested in productivity. But the Bible doesn’t use the word “productivity;” instead, you’ll find there the word “fruitfulness.” God wants us to have fruitful ministries, so I want to show you some principles that will produce a godly fruitfulness in your life. I believe there are four conditions that are essential for… [ Read More ]

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How to invest your time wisely

Why is it that time drags when you want it to pass quickly and flies when you need more of it?  It’s not very cooperative! As you are working on your goals for 2013, is your time being spent wisely? Time is the great equalizer.  We all have the same amount of it.  The difference… [ Read More ]

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ReThinking Our Goals

Goals typically beat us. We don’t beat them. Though Matt Cutts isn’t a small groups pastor, the principles he shares are applicable to us in the small groups world. When it comes to achieving our goals, we should start thinking bite-sized, not elephant-sized meals. Want to launch some new groups in 2013? Do a 30… [ Read More ]

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The Best Season of All

I inherited a church small-group ministry that insisted small groups break for the summer. But I am a huge fan of small groups meeting throughout the summer. Our policy now is that small groups can take a break anytime they want—for the entire summer, or even just a couple of weeks—but they’re never forced to. Here are… [ Read More ]

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12 Cultural Trends Your Church Can’t Ignore

When you lead an organization — especially when you are responsible for leading an organization like the local church — there is a temptation to ignore trends or minimize the impact they will have on how you operate. It’s so difficult to gain and keep momentum, that when you have some momentum it becomes tempting… [ Read More ]

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Measuring Small Group Health

When a group leader launches a new small group, they’re curious. They want to know if they’re going to have a successful group. They don’t know if their group is going to stick, if people will come back, or if they’ll take steps of faith together. How do you know if your new small group… [ Read More ]

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